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Five time Paralympic Equestrian Champion & Five time European Champion




Having dreamt of winning a Paralympic gold medal from the age of ten Natasha’s childhood dream became a reality when she took her place on the podium in front of an impassioned home crowd at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Not satisfied with just one gold she delivered again in the Freestyle event two days later, setting another Paralympic record. Natasha became just one of only 25 British Paralympians to be awarded an MBE by the Queen.

Four years on and with a few European and World medals under her belt Natasha’s bond with Cabral ("JP") had grown even stronger as they faced their second Paralympic Games, Rio 2016. Determined to beat their London medal haul Natasha retained her Individual and Freestyle gold medal before going on to win a third gold in the Team Competition.

Early Years


Having contracted a virus, Transverse Myelitis at just 14 months old, Natasha was left with permanent nerve damage, loss of balance and sensation and severe weakness in her legs.

Having grown up in a ‘horsey’ family it was when Natasha was 9 that her physio recommended she applied to the local Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). Showing a natural talent and huge passion for the sport it was whilst watching the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games that she set herself the goal of one day becoming a gold medallist.

In 2002 Natasha was talent spotted and selected for the World Class Programme and by 2005 had a string of National and International titles to her name.

When riding Natasha is unable to use conventional aids so she instructs her horses entirely through verbal commands and seat movements.

Cabral ("JP") and the future


One of the most defining moments of her career came in 2009 when she discovered Cabral at the yard of Christian Landolt. Together Natasha and Cabral developed a unique bond leading to them winning 11 gold medals - "JP" was her horse of a lifetime.

After tragically losing Cabral in 2017 to an infection, Natasha is focussed on an exciting young prospect called Fireball (“Freddie”). She is aiming to continue her Paralympic success in Tokyo 2020, to beat her own records and to win as many gold medals as possible.

Natasha works tirelessly to change the perception of disability, to inspire the next generation of Paralympic athletes and to show the world that despite people's challenges, incredible things can be achieved!

Year Position Horse Competition
2016 Gold JP Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Team event
2016 Gold JP Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Grade II Individual
2016 Gold JP Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Grade II Freestyle
2015 Silver Sooki European Championships Individual
2015 Silver Sooki European Championships Freestyle
2014 Silver JP World Equestrian Games Individual
2014 Gold JP World Equestrian Games Team
2013 Gold JP European Championships Individual
2013 Gold JP European Championships Freestyle
2013 Gold JP European Championships Team
2012 Gold JP London 2012 Paralympic Games Grade II Individual
2012 Gold JP London 2012 Paralympic Games Grade II Freestyle
2011 Gold JP European Championships Individual
2011 Gold JP European Championships Freestyle
2011 1st GII & Gold JP European Championships Team

Winning five gold medals at two Paralympic Games all on one horse is unbelievable. JP was incredibly special, I'll never forget him!

Team Baker

Having grown up on the family farm Natasha has always been surrounded by horses. She has had the continual support of her friends and family, affectionately known as “Team Baker”.


Lorraine Baker

Lorraine (Mum) is Natasha’s full time International Groom. Lorraine runs the yard at home but also travels with Natasha to all competitions and training. Lorraine has a strong bond with all of Natasha’s horses and prepares them impeccably for competition. Lorraine is also training Gabbie to be a competition groom.

Phil Baker

Phil (Dad) has retired from engineering to work at the yard full time. He maintains the fields and stables as well as driving ‘Daphne’ the 18tonne horsebox to International competitions. He is a pro with a fork and broom and is always relied upon to provide a silly joke.

Gabbie Perry

Gabbie is Natasha’s home groom and is in charge of the yard when Natasha and Lorraine are away. Gabbie will attend some competitions and training events. Gabbie rides Natasha’s horses and also has her own pony at the yard.

Lisa Hopkins

Lisa has been training Natasha since 2013 and visits Natasha’s yard to teach her twice a week. Lisa also travels to Natasha’s competitions both Nationally and Internationally to train and warm-up her horses. She has represented Great Britain Internationally at Grand Prix.

Dorothy Alder

Dorothy has always been incredibly supportive of Natasha's riding since she started at the RDA. Without the support of her Nan and Grandad (who has now sadly passed away) Natasha would not be the successful rider she has become.

Christian Landolt

Christian and Natasha first met in 2009 when she visited his yard on the lookout for a new horse. They have since become great friends and Christian has provided Natasha with
a huge amount of support throughout her career so far. Christian owns Cabral, Sookie St James and Fireball.

Marc Jaconelli

Marc is Natasha’s boyfriend and is hugely supportive of Natasha and her horses. Marc comes to as many competitions as possible, is hugely helpful with competition preparation and films all the action. 

Kate Judd

Kate is Natasha’s weekend groom and also covers the yard with Gabbie when Natasha and Lorraine are away.

The Horses

Diva (Mount St John Diva Dannebrog)

DOB: 2009
Sex: Mare
Breeding: Hanoverian (Don Schufro / Brentano II)
Colour: Liver Chestnut
Owner: Mount St John
Major Achievements:
  1. 2nd Elementary National Championships 2017.
  2. One of the highest ever scores at the Mare Performance Test.


DOB: 2011
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Danish Warmblood (Furstenball)
Colour: Bay
Owner: Mr Christian Landolt
Major Achievements:
  1. 75% at his first Novice.

Sooki (Sookie St James)

DOB: 2007
Sex: Mare
Breeding: Oldenberg (San Amour/Don Schufro)
Colour: Black
Owner: Mr Christian Landolt
Major Achievements:
  1. Double European Silver Medalist 2015
  2. International Champion at Hartpury 2015
  3. International Champion at Waregem 2015
  4. British National Champion and Overall Freestyle Champion 2015
  5. National Champion 2014
  6. International Champion at Bishop Burton 2014

JP (Cabral)

DOB: 2001
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Polish Warmblood
Colour: Dark Bay
Owner: Mr Christian Landolt,
Mr & Mrs P. Baker & Mrs D. Alder
Major Achievements:
  1. Triple Paralympic Gold Medalist 2016
  2. Gold and Silver Medalist at World Games 2014
  3. Triple European Champion 2013
  4. Double Paralympic Gold Medalist 2012 and Paralympic Record Holder
  5. Double European Gold Medalist 2011


Sadly not with us anymore
DOB: 1989
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Danish Warmblood
Colour: Chestnut
Owner: Mrs Jean Scharf
Major Achievements:
  1. 3rd highest score at the FEI 2007 World Para Dressage Championships (competed as a     non-medalist but would have won a Bronze medal)
  2. 2007 KBIS National Champion
  3. 2007 & 2008 National Para Winter Champion
  4. 2008 Hartpury International Grade 2 Individual Winner and 2nd in Freestyle.
  5. 2009 Winter and Spring Grade II National Champions.
  6. Selected to do a Pas De Deux in the Gala evening at the European Championships, Windsor 2009.


Sadly not with us anymore
DOB: 1995
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Holstein
Colour: Bay
Owner: Mr & Mrs P. Baker
Major Achievements:
  1. 70% Winter Qualifier (1st Para Competition)
  2. Over 65% every able-bodied competition
  3. Being short listed for Beijing Paralympics 2008



DOB: 2006
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Miniature
Colour: Appaloosa
Owner: Miss Yazmin Paige
Major Achievements:
  1. Looking after Sooki

I have surrounded myself with the best team possible. They are dedicated to push me every day to work harder, continually improve and keep my horses in peak condition, ensuring we are at the top of our game.



At the age of 10 I was inspired by the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. I have tremendous support from my followers and it would be a dream come true if I could inspire others
to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Sponsors & Charities

I believe everything happens for a reason. Hard work, dedication and the passion for riding has enabled me to fulfil my dreams. I couldn't be more driven to succeed on my road to Tokyo.


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